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What We Do

Test Development

We provide criterion-referenced tests for your organization.  We can develop test items based on your content or assist you with creating the content itself (see other service categories below).  If you already have test items written by Subject Matter Experts but want to make sure that your test will be both reliable and valid, we can help.  We will review and edit the items, checking them for comprehensiveness, content and ease of understanding.  We repair common errors such as grammatical cues and obvious or implausible distractors.  We also ensure that both the individual items and the final assembled exam accurately test the established criteria.

Item Writing

We write high quality assessment items.  If you need items written for standardized tests, we are your best resource! If you are preparing courses, quizzes, exams or textbooks and need assessment items written based on your content, we can provide what you need.  If you are creating test preparation materials for high-stakes exams and need quality practice items, we do that, too!  We can supply all types of test items:  multiple choice, multiple response, technology enhanced items, fill in the blank, true and false, short answer, matching, and essay.  We reference each item to its relevant content material or standard and provide a difficulty level rating.  We also code each item according to Bloom’s Taxonomy of Educational Objectives or Webb's DOK levels to show which cognitive skills each item tests.  As experts in criterion-referenced testing, if you need items that are coded or written according to certain criteria, we can provide those as well.

Course Development

Do you have a great idea for a class that you would like to develop?  Are you a corporate trainer charged with creating or updating training materials?  Do you teach a continuing education course that you would like to submit for accreditation?  We can help.  Bring us your ideas and general content; we will help you design learning objectives, divide your content into educational units and frame your materials into a comprehensive course that will meet the learners' needs.

Editing and Content Review

Our experienced editors will review your learning materials, texts or professional documents and offer sound advice to enhance your project.  We correct problem sentences, delete redundancies and improve your vocabulary choices.  We also edit for overall wordiness, replace inappropriate words and eliminate grammatical and spelling errors. We will improve the clarity and organization of your material; to this end, we will even rearrange sentences and paragraphs when it serves a clear purpose.  You can trust our expertise to provide you with a highly polished finished product.

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