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Working With The Finished Product


Staci Pickett

M.Ed.,Reading Education


I have been working for Carla and The Finished Product for over 8 years.  I make an average of a few thousand dollars each year.  As a teacher, it is so great to be able to earn this extra money on my own time from home!  I have used my extra income to pay off bills and take vacations!  Carla gives us due dates for assignments and I get to pace myself in order to get it done on time.  Carla is always so helpful and understanding when assigning work. Working with The Finished Product has opened up so many opportunities in the education field and has furthered my knowledge in the world of standardized testing.


Annie Brainard

Former AP English Teacher


I have been working for The Finished Product since 2015. I love that TFP gives me the flexibility to work on my own schedule. When I decided to stop teaching in the public school system to be a homemaker, TFP made it possible for me to use my hard-earned degree from home while still maximizing my time with my four small children. I love that I can work at my own pace and when my schedule allows. Working for TFP has helped me to contribute to our family's financial needs. Before working for The Finished Product, I had never heard of this work and would never have known the opportunities that exist. It has been a joy to work with TFP. Carla is straightforward, reasonable, down to earth, and professional. The team values the work we do and strives to do it with excellence. 

Dan Atkeson 2.jpg

Dan Atkeson

M.A., Math Teacher


 I am entering into my eighth year working for Carla at The Finished Product.  I cannot say enough positive things about Carla and the way she operates her business.  She is an excellent teacher and communicator, and I have enjoyed working with her over the years.  Before I was introduced to Carla, I did not know all the possible part-time job opportunities that were available to teachers. She efficiently trained me and opened the door to new jobs.  Her training sessions were organized and specifically targeted toward improving my skills.  I am very thankful for these opportunities and the regular work TFP sends my way. I highly recommend the Finished Product if you are looking to gain new skills and make a little extra income."  

TFP is now training

item writers!

Click here for details about our training courses.

The Finished Product manages a network of independent consultants who are experts in a variety of subject areas. We offer a phenomenal opportunity for educated professionals to work from home while providing valuable services to the education industry. We are always looking for high quality applicants such as:

Item writers*

Experts in test development

Subject Matter Experts

Experts in test preparation

Content Reviewers

Experienced editors


We require a Bachelor’s degree and applicable experience in order to be considered; graduate degrees are highly preferred.  If you would like to be considered for involvement in future projects, please e-mail a cover letter with your resume or CV using this button:




*We require potential item writers to either provide samples of their work prior to joining our team or to enter our training program and demonstrate ability to write solid assessments. We love training teachers to write quality test items. There is no experience necessary to enter the training program, but you should already hold a degree in the subject area for which you desire to write. If you are new to item writing and want to learn, check out our Training courses!



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