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Item Writer Training Course

Have you ever wished you could use your educational knowledge and expertise to make extra money outside of the classroom?

Do you think you have a knack for assessments?

Have you ever read a standardized test and thought, “I could do that?" 

Are you a naturally good test taker?

Don't just take our word for it...

Read what your colleagues have to say about working with TFP HERE.

Read about TFP's team and industry experience HERE.

If you answered "yes" to any of these, you may be a good fit for item writing.  Testing companies are always looking for expert education professionals to author quality assessments.


TFP has been active in the testing industry for over 10 years and maintains a group of trained item writers. We know how to craft strong test items, and we know what is current in education testing trends. We have put this information together into a course to make you marketable in this growing and lucrative industry.


Once you have mastered the basics of item writing, you can apply to work as an item writer for education companies, you can confidently author test items for standardized tests or textbooks, or you can simply serve your own district by meeting assessment needs more effectively.

Learn from an Expert!

Carla Grubb has been a valued member of the assessment field since 2004.  She has an intricate understanding of standardized tests, from high stakes exams such as the GRE, SAT and Nursing Licensure Examinations to K-12 State Assessments. She has personally overseen the development of hundreds of thousands of test items and worked with some of the largest names in the industry.


Now, she shares her knowledge of crafting quality test items with you!

Item Writer Introductory

In the Introductory Course, you will learn…

  • Terminology of standardized testing

  • The various types of test items used on standardized tests today

  • How to use your personal expertise and knowledge to craft a good test item

  • Avoiding pitfalls that lead to your items being rejected

  • How to tell if item writing is a good fit for you

  • Tips on where to look for item writing work​

  • 3-week program

Regular Price $149

Limited time Special Price $99

Item Writer Complete

In the Complete Course you will learn everything in the Introductory Course, PLUS...


  • Receive guidance actually creating test items so you will be completely prepared to begin paid work

  • Create sample assessments in industry-specific homework assignments

  • Receive personalized feedback and suggested edits from TFP's team on test items you create 

  • You keep every item you create during the course to use for your own samples or to submit to publishers

  • Consideration to be added to TFP's team of professional item writers

  • 6-week program

Regular Price $299

Limited time Special Price $169

which course is right for me?

Choose the Introductory Class to learn more about the standardized testing industry and the basics of item writing. After the course, you will be prepared to keep learning and craft some items on your own with which to approach item writing jobs at testing companies. 


Choose the Complete Course if you want to not only learn the basics, but also start writing items and receive assistance and feedback on your work.  The first three weeks of both courses meet together and share the same information.  The Complete Course continues into specifics of creating sample assessments and provides help and feedback on the process. By the end of the course, you will have created quality test items that you can show prospective employers.  If you meet TFP's standards of excellence, we may even invite you to join our team of item writers!

How much time does the course take?

The course meets once per week for one hour.  The first three sessions contain homework that takes less than one additional hour per week. The Complete Course includes active item writing projects during the last 3 weeks. Writing time will vary by individual, but you can plan for a few hours of extra time spent working on your items outside of class during those last 3 weeks. 

when do the courses take place?

Use the "Enroll Now" buttons above or the "Upcoming Course Dates" button below to see the options for upcoming live courses.  If none of the times available work for you, please e-mail us at and let us know. We will keep in touch with you as we add other options!  In the future, we plan to offer a self-paced option in addition to the live courses.  Enrolled students will be sent a link to watch a recording if they must miss a live class.

What if i change my mind?

Prior to the start of the course, we offer a full refund if you change your mind.  After attending the first class and completing the homework for Week 1, if you don't think the course will be worth the value you paid, we will happily grant you a refund minus a processing fees of 10%.  After the first week of class, we do not offer refunds.

If you begin with the Introductory Course and decide later to upgrade to the Complete, you may upgrade for $99 (during our limited time special pricing; the regular price upgrade fee is $199).  Notice that it is more cost effective to begin with the Complete course rather than upgrade later.  This is so that we can effectively plan our staffing needs in advance, since the Complete Course includes our staff giving you feedback and guidance on item writing assignments.

We offer a free repeat of our course with any enrollment!  If you take it once and decide that you would like to repeat it later, we offer a free repeat within 12 months of the initial course start date. This option also allows you to put off your course - if you enroll but then something unexpected comes up, you can defer your course for up to 12 months.

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